Economic Security Hot Line

IPC is committed to maintaining the highest standard of business conduct, adhering to the relevant internationally accepted practices. At IPC, we view corruption and crime one of business-critical threats to responsible partnership.

To counteract corruption or other wrong-doing by employees and/or partners, the Company encourages any legitimate intolerance to such behaviour and will readily address any initiative aimed to eradicating causes and conditions provoking such cases.

In the event:

  • You have been subjected to abuse, received a corruption-related proposal;
  • You are being coerced or forced into making a deal;
  • Any fraud, misappropriation or lobbying has come to you knowledge;
  • You are being forced to execute wrongful instructions and orders;
  • You are being prevented from the fulfilment of obligations in good faith.

IPC’s Economic Security Department will help you to deal with these and similar issues, remove a threat and right a wrong – you must just promptly refer any concerns to us on 8 (800) 700-86-23 (the toll-free Economic Security Hot Line accessible 24/7) or e-mail them to

We guarantee that all information received will be examined with the maximum level of confidentiality. As far as possible, please communicate your contacts for any clarification requests.