Petrol station network

IPC’s petrol station network spreads over the Russian Far East (the Amur Region, the Kamchatka, Primorye and Khabarovsk Territories) and in Buryatia. Our retail petrol network operates under the Alliance brand and holds a leading position in the retail market in the regions where we operate.

Every day we fuel thousands of cars and trucks offering our customers a variety of high-grade fuels produced at the advanced refining facilities in Khabarovsk up to the eco-friendly EURO-5 standard. The GreenEco NEO brand product line is one of the best-selling fuel grades.

GreenEco NEO is an improved cost-effective fuel engineered based on the advanced technologies and customized to the regions with severe climatic conditions. GreenEco NEO quality characteristics fully comply with the current technical regulations.

With its transportation and oil depot facilities, the Company is well positioned to supply fuel to all its 280 petrol stations without interruption

Quality assurance and control is one of our top priorities. The Company has the well-established quality control system operating across all processes — from the refinery to a fuel dispenser. The Company’s laboratories with their up-to-date equipment, instrumentation and qualified personnel are the essential elements of the corporate QA/QC system.

Our fixed-site laboratories are complemented with mobile labs which role is to continuously monitor and demonstrate the fuel quality to consumers right at the Company’s petrol stations, where appropriate. Any customer may oversee the tests being performed by our lab technician at a petrol station, and personally make sure of the fuel quality being filled into his / her vehicle.

The Company is committed to improving its services actively developing the accompanying retail outlets-minimarkets and coffee corners at the petrol stations — to make sure our customers feel comfortable.

We welcome an open dialogue with our customers. Call the Company’s Hotline on 8 (800) 200-03-43 (toll-free, 24/7) to report your comments and suggestions with regard to our work.

To thank our loyal customers, we have developed the cumulative discount scheme — Always On Your Way that pays you back with earned points you may spend when paying for fuel and accompanying products at our petrol stations.

Every day, we work for our customers, together with you we grow and develop. We hope you see the results coming back to us again and again.