The IPC group includes one of the largest refineries in the Russian Far East — IPC-Khabarovsk Refinery JSC.

Khabarovsk Refinery was put into operation in 1935. The annual installed refining capacity is 5 million tons. The feedstock from the West Siberian and East Siberian oil fields is delivered by rail.

Khabarovsk Refinery is one of the key petroleum product suppliers in the Far East market; petroleum products are distributed through the network of oil depots and petroleum stations owned by IPC.

The Refinery produces the whole range of motor fuels in-demand in the Far East, the fuel grades comply with the EURO-4 and EURO-5 international standards.


In 2014, the new hydroprocessing unit was put into operation. It includes the vacuum gas oil hydro cracker and diesel and kerosene hydro-treater, as well as hydrogen and sulphur vacuum distillation and support units. With this large-scale upgrade the Refinery could switch to a 100% production of diesel fuels that meet the EURO-5 international standard.

In 2015, the Company plans to complete the ESPO trunk pipeline tie-in, the new visbreaker construction, and the existing hydrotreater revamping at the reformer unit.