Transportation and logistics

An IPC’s transportation subsidiary IPC-Trans JSC with its fleet of 1,440 rail tank cars provides an uninterrupted feedstock supply to IPC-Khabarovsk Refinery and delivers finished products to distributers and bulk buyers from Buryatia to Sakhalin.

The fleet of modern fuel tank trucks transports our petroleum products from depots to petrol stations and customers. The fleet includes around 100 multiplex fuel tank trucks and semi-trailers with a capacity ranging from 5m³ to 34m³. All vehicles have valid permits and are certified for transportation of dangerous goods as statutory required in Russia.

To expand its geographic coverage and flexibility, IPC operates a fleet of tankers.

7,500 WDT modern ocean-going tanker SANIVA owned by the Company ensures uninterrupted fuel supplies to the Kamchatka Territory.