IPC-Khabarovsk Petroleum Products PJSC

The company distributes diesel fuel, petrol, fuel oil, kerosene, bitumen, marine fuel, oil and lubricants.

The company distributes petroleum products produced by Khabarovsk Refinery through its own retail network of 93 Alliance branded petrol stations covering the Khabarovsk Territory, including the Jewish Autonomous Region. The petrol stations additionally offer accompanying goods, exceptional freshly brewed coffee, hot cakes at an affordable price, items needed on a trip, and complementary services such as tyre inflating, car’s interior vacuum cleaning.

GreenEco NEO — an improved efficiency fuel — has been developed by Khabarovsk Refinery exclusively for the Alliance branded retail network. The GreenEco NEO season-customized formulations are designed to meet the expectations of our customers in the severe Far East.

Small bulk sales and petroleum product deliveries are performed from depots. The company has five oil depots, the fleet of fuel tank trucks that transport fuel to our petrol stations and partners. The company’s fixed-site and mobile laboratories ensure continuous control of fuel quality.

Our retail customers, both paying in cash and by bank-cards, may benefit from the company’s cumulative discount scheme — Always On Your Way — by earning points with every purchase of fuel at our petrol stations and then exchanging them for special prizes and discounts granted by our partners.

For our corporate customers we offer to sign up for the company’s fuel cards. The fuel cards are accepted at any the Alliance branded petrol station.


Address: 22 Mukhina Str., Khabarovsk 680030, Khabarovsk Territory, Russia

Acting Director General: Dmitriy Rostislavov

Tel: +7 (4212) 79-38-10, 79-38-12
Website: ​​