Social policy

At IPC, we are committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility — we view them the priority to our business and contributors to our success.

We create jobs, comfortable working environments, pay competitive remunerations and invest into professional development of our employees. The Company provides social support both to its employees and socially and economically disadvantaged groups, such as retires, war and labour veterans, and children of the Company’s employees.

IPC’s operating companies have numerous awards received in regional and national competitions for the achievements in social support of communities and corporate charity, workforce capacity development in industrial sphere, job creation and development, healthy lifestyle encouraging, social partnership development, etc.

Our social policy is focused on:

  • Maintaining a fair market-based labour compensation;
  • Continuous improving the employee incentive schemes for the efficient management by objectives in the changing economic environment;
  • Providing a social package which includes the most desirable benefits and compensations;
  • Fostering the corporate culture.