Independent Petroleum Company is a group of companies and joint ventures producing hydrocarbons in the fields located in Central Russia, the Volga-Urals and Timan-Pechora oil and gas provinces, Western and Eastern Siberia, and in Kazakhstan.

The Company’s upstream segment is primarily focused on:

  • Enhanced oil recovery in brownfields in Western Siberia, the Volga-Urals and Timan-Pechora region, including development and testing of new technologies;
  • Production increase through greenfield development in the areas of the Company’s operations;
  • Projects being implemented in the neighbouring countries;
  • Setting-up of the Corporate Research and Technology Centre.

In 2014, crude production reached 2.4 million tons, natural gas production reached 1.4 billion cubic metres, with 34 new wells put on stream, and 130 well interventions performed

Field development, modelling, technologies:

  • Generation of 3D live simulation models;
  • Planning of well interventions (including drilling and side-tracking) with the use of 3D models;
  • Pilot projects of radial drilling, polymer water-flooding, huff and puff treatments, etc.;
  • Application of multi-stage fracturing in horizontal wells to increase drainage sweep ratio, oil recovery factor, and add reserves with low flow properties to development;
  • Organisation of field development monitoring by introducing the universal software tools and ensuring the uniformity of performance calculation and monitoring throughout the Company’s subsidiaries;
  • Implementation of the well survey coverage programme.

The application of advanced reservoir engineering solutions is dictated by the structure of our reserve base, with the major part (c.80%) attributable to hard-to-recover reserves (HTR or tight reserves). Most of HTR reserves are deposited in low permeability formations, the development of which requires the application of new technologies and customized solutions. The other part of our tight reserves is attributable to reservoirs with high-viscosity oil, where we need to apply secondary and tertiary extraction methods.


By 2023, the share of tight oil and gas extraction is expected to reach over 80%

2017 — commencement of first production
in the Kondinsk group of fields

2019 — commencement of first production
in the Payyaha group of fields

* — Assuming stable macroeconomic parameters

IPC’s upstream segment outstands with its capacity to develop reservoir engineering solutions and scale them up to extract tight hydrocarbon reserves. Strong team of experienced professionals and application of advanced technologies ensure a steady growth of production in the long term.
With the current state of reserve base, only the companies pro-actively developing their scientific and engineering potential are capable to become the industry pioneers in tight reserve extraction and build the basis of the national energy security.